Jesus’ cross shows up

I listened last night when Kris spoke about someone with an anointing on him/her name starting with J with birthday in December. My daughter is Joan-mari and her birthday is 28 December. I am praying for her for months that God will interact with her threw a dream or something. My sister had a previous dream about Joan-mari and the calling on her life and what God shows her what Joan-mari will do after school. In this lock down she turned her days and nights but this morning as I woke up for work Joan-mari was up and she told me she woke up at 2 am and couldn’t sleep again she put on her cellphone’s light and the light reflected against something and showed Jesus’s cross. Thank You Jesus for being in our house.
Thank You for being our provider, way maker, miracle worker our Dad.
Ek en my huis sal die Here dien🌻💜

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